Churchill Music!UK Registered Charity No 1121866
Patron: Peter Donohoe CBE

Posted on Wednesday 5 August

"Now that I have given two concerts at Churchill Music! (one as a chamber music duo with the cellist Tim Hugh, and the other on my own) as well as having become Patron, I feel in a position to fully analyse my feelings towards those involved, those who form the audiences, the venue, and the society's aspirations.

There is a sense of real commitment - not only to the music and professional musicians who play at Churchill Music! - but (perhaps more importantly) towards the development of musical awareness through education, and the benefits to adults and to society in general that high-quality music-making can bring.

I am proud to be associated with a charity that holds such principles. As with so many great things, we do not know what we have until after we have lost it. The people of Churchill and the surrounding areas are rightly proud of what they have in Churchill Music! Spread the word, and never let go!"

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