Churchill Music!UK Registered Charity No 1121866
Patron: Peter Donohoe CBE

Posted on Monday 18 July

Facilitated and part sponsored by Churchill Music! the Drum Blondes performed educational workshops at St. Martin's Junior school, Worle, and Sandford, Wrington and Churchill Primary schools releasing huge creative energy from the children, with amazing results.

Performing on every day objects such as metal and plastic dustbins with their special thimble-tipped gloves and wearing hard hats (which were included as a percussion instrument) the children were enthralled. “It is amazing how they use everyday objects to make music.” said one pupil.

The children performed on a set of thirty Djembe drums kindly loaned to all the schools from St. Martin's Junior. “I learned that drumming is more than just hitting goat skins and it’s a fun thing to do.”

“An amazing session. It was very well organised and the performers were fantastic with the children who were so engaged and switched on.” Teacher, Wrington Primary.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for all children to feel involved and inspired and this was perfectly illustrated by the spellbound expressions on all their faces.”
Sarah Joskey, Head Teacher, Wrington Primary.

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