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Patron: Peter Donohoe CBE

Posted on Monday 11 October

We are led to believe that children wouldn’t enjoy Chamber music these days – well the children who attended Churchill Music!’s latest event proved that they most certainly do. On Saturday 9th October at St Mary’s Langford, more than thirty children, accompanied by parents and grandparents, were introduced to gems of the chamber music repertoire in an hour of interactive music and games presented by the Galeazzi Ensemble (flute, violin, viola & cello). All thanks to the generous sponsorship from the Cavatina Chamber Music Trust which brings chamber music to young people and young people to chamber music.

With forests of eager hands in the air, the children were quick to point out the differences between a violin and a cello, and to spot how a very old flute was different from a modern one. In games that ranged from taking part in a quartet of musical monsters, to a game of boogie-woogie musical statues, the children loved every minute of this slickly presented concert and were enthralled by Galeazzi ensemble who evidently have an absolute magic with young people.

No doubt this wasn’t what Haydn, Beethoven, and Mozart had in mind for their music - being played in a little country church for children – but we can be equally sure that these composers would have applauded the skill with which the musicians interpreted their compositions for a young audience, and the intelligent and focussed interest with which their young audience listened.

The mix of music, games and musical discussion was just right and the Galeazzi Ensemble deserve praise for their efforts to spread the word about chamber music and classical instruments to a truly enthusiastic younger age group. This area is supremely lucky to have this rare and brilliant opportunity on our doorstep and credit should go to the innovative Churchill Music! team, with St. George’s Bristol, for hatching the idea and bringing it to fruition, to St Mary’s Church, Langford, for making everyone so welcome and above all to the Cavatina Chamber Music Trust, for their generous sponsorship of the event thus making the exciting task of bringing wider musical opportunities to children in this rural area possible.

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