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Patron: Peter Donohoe CBE

Bristol Ensemble Wind Quintet with presenter Laura Tanner

How does a French horn work? and what IS a bassoon? Which can play the highest note, the flute, clarinet or oboe? For answers to all these questions and more, PLUS the chance to hear some fantastic music by Francaix and Ravel, come and meet the woodwind section of the Bristol Ensemble and let your imagination take flight with the Autumn Winds. Which instrument will be your favourite?

Grandparents - this is a Gran e-shenanigan event. Click on 'Gran e-shenanigans' from the main menu to find out more!

Event details
10.30am - 11.30am (approx.)
Saturday 22 October
St. Mary's Church, Langford Somerset
There will not be an interval.

Everybody £4.00
Tickets available from: Ursula Dornton 01934 852919 or 'pot luck' at the door

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